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★★★★★R.Y.L Gaming Strategy★★★★★:

Question 1: Why i cant equip G gem into armor or weapon?
Answer: Press Shift key + left mouse button on the G gem to separate one of the gem and drag to armor or weapon to equip into armor or weapon.

Question 2 : How you can make the equipment have more gem hole?
Answer: equipment gem hole, you can enhance armor or weapon to get more gem hole .Enhance+1+3+5 odd number is enhance the stat of your armor or weapon,while Enhance+2+4+6 even number is to enhance to get more gem hole. note enhance system to maximum only +9.

Question 3: Which level of armor and weapon to enhance considered good?
Answer: Usually you can reach +6, if there will be more than +6 become iron if failed.+9 is the highest

Question 4: Why sometimes delay like 12 second while you move your character?
Answer: As long as you press W key move and press spacebar to jump forward and you can solve the problem ^^

Question 5: Press the K key skills to drag the shortcut window often suddenly disconnected skill out of the game?
A: The solution is to drag and drop the skill to skill shortcut window to be placed in a position to put away as much as possible not to stay after the skill shortcut window

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