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R.Y.L Introduction


RYL Game Myth (Millennium Promise)RYL Game Myth (Millennium Promise) 'is to connect many users multiplayer online role-playing game via Internet:MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).。

In the current development of the 3D environment, players can set up their own characters, through the connection to the game server for battle, adventure and growth; and other stand-alone game the biggest difference is that it is no longer the face personal computer game monotonous, but contact from the players around the world an adventure; myth contains war camp and the camp between the concept of territorial development, and increase the players can organize their own groups in the game, at the same time establish hostile or friendly relations with other groups in this new fantasy world, you will never feel happy.。

What R.Y.L that?
is the abbreviation, meaning "gamble with your life!"!”

R.Y.L significance in the game
If the forces of its own people can belong to attack and conquer the monster and the national associations or other disposal areas, you can on a relatively broad area of ??activity, and also to make their characters more growth.。

If the area of ??the village belongs to the player character forces conquered, when their people get when ownership of the village, the player character can become "lords", the village can be attributed to their own territory. Of course, you can do a lot of investment on their own territory, so rich territory, the territory also is building his power base. However, if the aggression can not be protected from the other forces, other forces will conquer their territory.。

In other words, because the player with the vitality of their own areas of character and characters belong to the war of life and death, so containing "Risk Your Life- gamble with your life," its meaning.。

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